Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Please, read these terms carefully before you commit to do business with us. You are most welcome to ask for clarification of any of the points below. The term "supplier" in this document shall refer to Party Equip.


  1. We charge 40% refundable deposit for all the equipment hired. This is 40% of the total value of all equipment hired including any equipment that is hired free of cost and does not include the value of consumables and/or services ordered. This deposit is fully refunded ONLY when:

a.All equipment is received in their Original Quantities,

b.All equipment is received Clean and Dry, unless a cleaning service has been requested.

c.All equipment is received in their Good Working Conditions,

d.All equipment is received Without and defects,

e.All Equipment is returned On Time as booked unless some arrangements have been agreed on.


If any of the above conditions are not met, also as the customer shall verify, deductions are made accordingly to remedy the situation, thus affecting the RD.


  1. In case of equipment damage or loss thereby exceeding the prepaid refundable deposit, the excess cost will be invoiced to the customer.


  1. We recommend at least 5 working days before collection date for booking requests to be submitted to allow us better preparation. As a customer you are required to make changes to their order or cancel any unwanted orders at least 5 days before your collection date.


  1. All payments must be cleared before equipment is collected or any service is rendered. Payments can be done before or on the day of collection. However, the holding fee for bulky hires must be paid as soon as the customer receives the invoice i.e. instantly.


  1. As a customer, please examine the equipment for any noticeable damages/defects and make sure these defects are acknowledged by the supplier. The customer reserves the right to not accept any equipment that has imperfections rendering it unusable. The supplier must make sure all equipment is in good condition for its intended use.


  1. The supplier will provide in time all the equipment booked for by the customer. The equipment must be clean, as described and in good working conditions.


  1. In terms of chafing fuel, the supplier shall not be liable for the malfunctions of the product when supplied with the chafing equipment or purchased seperately. The guarantee given is that of the manufacturer.


  1. The customer is liable for any loss/damage of equipment while in their care. Therefore, before committing to hire any equipment, please read and understand our Damage and Loss Recovery Policy for charges per item.


  1. For any equipment that is returned not cleaned properly, damp, and not repacked as obtained, the customer will be charged £10.


  1. In any event that the customer can no longer clean the equipment, please be sure to return the equipment on the same day of your event or early morning of the next day. In addition, the customer must pay for a cleaning service according to the current charges.


  1. The customer is responsible for collecting and returning all the equipment hired at the agreed time unless other new arrangements were made. Any missed returns will incur a surcharge of £5 a day (Monday-Friday) and £10 for every Saturday and Sunday.


  1. With point (11) in mind, if you have difficulties in returning the equipment on time or as booked, please contact us immediately and we can always negotiate times that are convenient to both parties without incurring costs.


  1. If a customer has purchased extra fuel but did not use it, the customer can return the fuel for a full refund. In this case please store the fuel in favourable conditions if you intend to bring it back for a refund.



Last updated on 02/10/2017