Food Serving Utensils

Important Information:

  • Items listed in RED indicate inventory depletion or item is out of stock. Therefore, before placing an order check equipment availability with us.
  • Equipment from this catalogue is supplied unpolished, but generally clean.
  • Equipment charges are based on a maximum of 4-day period inclusive of collection and return days.
  • Equipment must be returned in their original packaging in the same manner they were packed.
  • Unclean equipment MUST be returned the same day after your event or the next day. Please make sure that all drink and food residue is wiped off the equipment.
  • Always keep utensils in humid-free environment and keep them dry when not in use.
  • DO NOT package wet or damp utensils to avoid rusting and discolouring.

Steel Nylon Tong 27.5cm (PE/600A) @ £0.50 Steel Nylon Tong 34cm (PE/600A1) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel bands with black Nylon ends
  • Suitable for both hot and cold food 

Stainless Locking Tong: (PE/600A2) @ £0.50

  • All stainless steel
  • 12" / 30cm length 
  • Suitable for both hot and cold food

Ice/Candy tong: (PE/600A3) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel quality
  • Suitable for picking ice cubes/candy

Soup/Gravy ladle Medium (PE/600B) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle
  • suitable for gravy, baked beans

Soup/Gravy ladle Large (PE/600B1) @ £0.50

  • All stainless steel flat bottom
  • Suitable for buffet service - soup

Spout drizzle ladle (PE/600B2) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel 11.6"
  • Suitable for serving sauces, condiments, etc.

Pasta ladle (PE/600B3) @ £0.50

  • All stainless steel 
  • Suitable for serving pasta dishes

Spoon BLK Handle (PE/600C) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle

Spoon Nylon (PE/600C1) @ £0.50

  • All-nylon withstanding cooking heat

Spoon CPR Handle (PE/600C2) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel bronze handle

Spoon BLK/RD Handle (PE/600C3) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel with hard wearing rubber handle
  • Hard wearing red rubber stud on the handle

Spoon Stainless Steel (PE/600C4) @ £0.50

  • All stainless steel  35cm
  • Loop embellished handle

Punja rice spoon (PE/600C5) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel quality
  • Suitable for serving service

Ice cream scooper (PE/600D) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel mirror shine

Slotted Buffet Spatula (PE/600E) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle 
  • Suitable for serving pies, eggs, quiche, omelettes, etc.

BBQ/Braai Spatula (PE/600E1) @ £0.50

  • Comes in all stainless steel or wooden handle
  • Also suitable for outdoors grills

BBQ/Braai Fork (PE/600F) @ £0.50

  • Comes in all stainless steel or wood handle
  • Also suitable for outdoors