What is Party Equip UK

Co-founder and owner

‚ÄčParty Equip UK is online based catering equipment rental service that is founded on;

  • Curbing plastic pollution:- We discourage the use of single-use disposable plastic crockery for catering events by supplying only stainless steel, porcelain and enamel equipment. 
  • Championing good food standards practices:- We provide chafing dishes/gastronomy equipment complete with chafing fuel so that hosts can guarantee piping hot food for at least 2 hours of their service.
  • Quality assurance:- We supply equipment that is durable, fit for purpose, clean and ready to use.  All electrical equipment is given a test drive before it is issued to the customer. 
  • Affordability:- We are the most affordable catering equipment rental service in the region, guaranteed by discount on bulk hires and other Special Deals. Also, equipment rental cost is based on 4-day period. 
  • Efficiency:- We guarantee delivery of service on time.  To accomplish this, we recommend that booking orders must be submitted at least 5 days before the event date to allow us better preparation.  If your event is taking place in 4 days' time or less, please contact us first to check availability of equipment before you can submit a booking order. In addition, we highlight in RED any equipment that is depleting or out of stock.    
  • Flexibility:- Customers can keep equipment in their possession for up to 2 days after their event date without incurring extra charges.  Thus allowing customers ample time to clean and prepare the equipment for return to us.  
  • Convenience:- Our business hours start from 0930 hours - 1900 hours in winter and up to 2000 hours during summer. We continue to open till 2345 hours every day of the week for general inquiries only.
  • Giving back to the community:- We guarantee special discounts for social and public events, bulk hires and returning customers throughout the year.