Ordering Process

Allow at least 5 days before your event, to submit a booking order. If your event is happening in less than 5 days contact us first as we may be able to assist you usually if your order is not too big.

Please beware that;

  • All items listed in RED are either depleting in quantity or out of stock.  Therefore, check stock availability prior to booking them.
  • We apply 40% refundable deposit (RD) on equipment hired which is refunded upon return of equipment.
  • The hire charge is based on a 4 day period (including collection and return days) without extra charges. 

Please note that all the links you need to request for a quotation or to submit equipment booking order are available on the Homepage. Otherwise you can access the forms from the "Booking Forms" page from the website menu.


  • Take note of the equipment number (PE/000A) for the item(s) you want
  • First check the availability of all equipment that is listed in RED. 
  • Check available appointments from the Bookings Calendar before starting the booking process 
  • Submit either a quotation request form or a booking form. 
  • You will receive a quotation or an invoice via email. Therefore, you must check your inbox or junk mail. 
  • Read the email carefully for important details and updates about your order.
  • Most importantly, respect the given timeframe within which you MUST make payment or CANCEL your order.
  • Once full payment is received your order is processed and equipment is reserved for you.
  • Where payment is not received within given period, the order is cancelled. 

General quotation:

You can request for a quotation before placing an order by submitting the following;

Once we receive your request, we will prepare and email you a quotation.  Please check your inbox and the junk mail. If you are satisfied with the quotation and would like to place an order, submit the following;

Once we receive this information, an invoice is prepared and sent to you.

New customer:

Complete and submit the following;

Once we receive the form, an invoice is prepared and emailed to you. 

Please check both your inbox and the junk mail.

Returning customer:

Complete and submit the following;

How to Order via WhatsApp 

This option is available ONLY to Returning Customers.

  • Simply click the marketplace icon (highlighted in the picture) and load the equipment you want into the shopping cart.
  • Use (+) and (-) to toggle between increasing and decreasing item quantity.
  • Once your order is received we will send you a link to submit the Customer Additional Information Form

    Buying consumables only:

    If you wish to buy chafing fuel only, please select the;

    An invoice will be emailed to you. Please consider checking both the inbox and the junk mail